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The language of the internet

Taking your first steps into cyberspace is daunting enough, but fortunately for you the main language of the internet is English, but a version of English which is not quite UK English, nor is it the USA version. Somewhere between the two an International or Internet English is evolving.

Some of the vocabulary can be quite strange (such as noob) and sometimes it isn't quite obvious what is being referred to but after a short while it starts to make a strange sort of sense (e.g. a silver surfer is someone of advanced age who regularly uses the internet).

Accept the fact that you are a Noob - a newbie or new person - but you don't have to stay that way forever.

There are many acronyms which have spread from the internet to daily use. Many can be worked out from the context. Common ones are ...

LOL - Laugh out loud.

ROFL - Roll on floor laughing.

FYI - For your information.

IMHO - In my humble opinion.

WTF - What the ?

STFU - Please cease talking.

Take a few minutes to browse through the Internet Acronyms Dictionary so it isn't quite so obvious that you're a noob.

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